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Gary Betts
Bronze Casting

60cm tall Bronze Sculpture

This sculpture was a particular challenge in all aspects of the process, because of the complicated nature of the arms and legs of the figures. Bronze sculptures need to be hollow to cast successfully, but the dimensions of these parts meant that they had to be solid. More often than not, having solid parts in a bronze cast can lead to warping and shrinkage of the solid parts where they join with other hollow parts. Normally, the solution is to cut off the arms, early on in the process and cast them separately. Leading to them having to be welded back on at the end. This lengthens the process and therefore leads to a greater expense for the client. However, we were able to use some clever techniques to not only capture the whole sculpture in a Three piece rubber Mould, but complete the whole bronze cast without removing any pieces, or having any imperfections due to warping. This led to us being able to complete the work on time and within a low budget.

I have been using Mouldmaking uk for over 3 years now, as fabricators for my bronze, resin and Jesmonite sculptures. So far I have been impressed with their personal service which offers a pleasant and fun environment for me to develop my work. Their location right next to Kew bridge is very useful for me as I live and work in West London. All my deadlines have been met on time or early and the staff are friendly, honest and easy to communicate with. I have already recommended them to a colleague of mine who now uses their services regularly and is equally happy with the results.
Gary Betts

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