Mouldmaking UK first opened in the summer of 2014 offering a small and personal casting service for sculptors and 3D designers to realise their work in bespoke, archival quality materials.  

Conceived by Neil Lemaire, who trained at the Farnham campus of the university of the arts London in 1995. His over 20 years experience of bronze casting, fabrication and 3D replication, are being offered as a turnkey solution for any individual or company wishing to expand their research  and production materials and who need professional expertise in producing bespoke, finished objects.

We are a small team of artists, technicians and makers with a thirst for development and creativity in the bespoke sector.  

With a diverse range of specialist freelancers and partners in our repertoire, who have undergraduate and masters degrees from the royal college of art, University of the Arts London, and London Metropolitan, to name a few.

Our ethos is to be adaptable to any request, with attention to detail and a dedication to meeting agreed targets.