Prototyping, Model-making and Non-Ferrous Casting

Mouldmaking UK specialises in prototyping, model-making and the production of premium quality lost wax casting.

Mould-making with precision

Mouldmaking UK specialises in the production of premium quality silicone rubber moulds for the design and component manufacturing industries.

Prototyping and Model-making

Mouldmaking UK uses the latest technology and methods in its prototyping and model-making capabilities.


Replicate any physical object, turn anything into metal, create a mould for reproductions or combine our services to fulfil your project's requirements.



Our ethos is all about attention to detail, we ensure your creative vision is perfectly realised, either in cast metal, or other materials, or as a mould for accurate reproductions. Our highly experienced foundry men and women will ensure your piece is crafted to perfection. 

Our workshop is situated within the grounds of the London Museum of Water and Steam which sits on the banks of the Thames at Kew bridge.

We have close links with the blacksmith, jewellers, ceramicists and engineers also based on the site and due to this connection, can offer solutions to most needs in the making of bespoke objects, lost wax casting, mould-making and model-making.


Mouldmaking UK
Unit 1, The Gabled Store
The London Museum of Water & Steam
Green Dragon Lane, Brentford Middlesex, TW8 0EN 

Tel: +44 (0)7739 917 113
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