Bronze Toe-caps

P.R. Patterson
Bronze Casting

Decorative Bronze Toecaps for footwear designed by PR Patterson

The challenge for these pieces was that they needed to be light enough to not add too much weight to the finished shoe. This meant that they needed to be less than 2 mm thick. The recommended wall thickness for bronze casting is between 3mm and 4.5mm which meant that we had to employ some unusual strategies to ensure the bronze ran all the way through the part, leaving no holes or air bubbles. We also had to produce a larger volume production run for these pieces, which is still ongoing. So we had to devise a way of producing multiples, efficiently enough to keep the price relevant, in the context of the retail value of the final product. We find these pieces particularly satisfying because each one is unique and they have several different Patinas options.

P.R. Patterson

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